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Oops... My bad.

So, as it turns out, I'm straight-up lousy at posting updates. Here's a brief overview of everything that's happened since November 2016:

The Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded! Thank you to our supporters!

Issue #2 has been drawn!

Issue #2 has been inked!

Issue #2 is in the process of being lettered!

Many of the Kickstarter rewards have been ordered!

T-shirts are in! They look cool.

Plastic coins are in! Also cool.

Second-printing of issue #1 is complete! They have new book smell.

More exciting announcements coming soon!

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Pirates of Padre Tiempo is a self-published comic book series about a little boy named Flynn who stumbles across a magic pirate coin and is instantly transported back in time to the Golden Age of Piracy! Now it's up to Flynn to face down deadly pirates, search for hidden treasure, and find his way home!


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