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Pirates of Padre Tiempo is an 8-issue comic book series. Check back for an updates as issues are released!
Issue #1


May 2016

When a pirate-loving little boy named Flynn comes across the fabled Treasure of Padre Tiempo, he's transported back in time to the Golden Age of Piracy where he comes face to face with his hero: Captain Blackjack McCoy. However, Blackjack isn't exactly the legendary buccaneer Flynn knows him to be...

Issue #2


April 2017

Dead-Eye Avery has stranded Flynn and Blackjack on an island. Now they'll have to work together to find a way off!

Issue #3


August 2018

Blackjack and Flynn, now joined by Newton, round up a crew and head for Parrot Island in search of the next piece of the Treasure of Padre Tiempo!

Issue #4


August 2019

Barely escaping Dead-Eye Avery on Parrot Island, Blackjack and his crew set sail for the next piece of the Treasure of Padre Tiempo. On their journey, Blackjack learns more about his shipmates and has to decide who he can (and can't) trust.

POPT 5 CVR.jpg
Issue #5


May 2020

After their encounter with the undead guardians of Cronus Point, Blackjack and his crew head to the wreck of the "Old Friends" in pursuit of the next piece of the Treasure of Padre Tiempo... only to be greeted by a less-than-friendly sea monster!

Issue #6


August 2021

As Flynn pursues the 7th piece of the Treasure of Padre Tiempo, things take a fatal turn when Dead-Eye Avery finally catches up to Blackjack. It's a knock-down drag-out brawl that will rewrite the legend of Blackjack McCoy forever!

Issue #7


August 2022

Dead-Eye Avery has stolen Flynn, along with the Treasure of Padre Tiempo, and left Blackjack in the hands of a ruthless pirate hunter. Now scheduled for execution, a devastated Blackjack has to decide what his legacy really is.

PoPT_#8_Cover FNL.jpg
Issue #8


Summer 2023


It's the final chapter of Pirates of Padre Tiempo! With all hope fading fast, Flynn makes a desperate bid to return home to the present day.

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