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We are live on Kickstarter!

Hi, folks! Earlier this week we launched a campaign on Kickstarter! The purpose of this campaign is to get issue #2 printed and do a small second printing of issue #1. Check it out HERE!

Also... I recently recorded a phone interview regarding the aforementioned Kickstarter with Phil Johnson of the pirate podcast "Under the Crossbones!" It was a lot of fun so be on the lookout for my appearance on an upcoming episode!

You can find Under the Crossbones HERE as well as on Facebook and Twitter!

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Pirates of Padre Tiempo is a self-published comic book series about a little boy named Flynn who stumbles across a magic pirate coin and is instantly transported back in time to the Golden Age of Piracy! Now it's up to Flynn to face down deadly pirates, search for hidden treasure, and find his way home!


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